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BlueSmart mia makes bottle feeding a dream

bluesmart-mia-logo-600x259If this is your first baby prepping is fairly common but if your on your second or third or fourth child you kind of know the drill of sleepless nights.  The one common thing with newborns is that every doctor asks how much milk is the baby taking in… which usually you just blink at the doctor saying huh what?! I’m barely awake at feedings and now you want me to measure out how much they consume.  Which is always meet by a Yup that would be great.

bluesmart-mia-close-upWell thanks to the smart people who created BlueSmart mia a smart sleeve for baby bottles. Allowing you now to make any bottle a smart bottle… giving you a wealth of knowledge that you can share with the Doctor.

If having a perfect record keeper for all the bottle feedings isnt enough, the BlueSmart mia will alert you to temperature of the milk/formula. You cant imagine how many times a half asleep parent forgot to warm the bottle or worst OVER warmed the bottle.

bluesmart-mia-app-shotJust another wonderful little helper that you wont have to be jumping for pens and paper right after feeding. Really the last thing you need is another thing to try to remember to do at 3:45am.

Lets talk about the key features of BlueSmart mia.

  • Real time monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Tracking patterns
  • journaling feature that allows you to note important milestones in the app

Since the product just launched you can find the BlueSmart mia on amazon.com and on BlueSmartmia.com.

Philips AVENT Comfort Pump and Natural Bottle review

I’m not going to say I personally tested a breast pump – I leave that up to my highly qualified wife. When Philips AVENT asked me to check out the newly launched Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump and Philips AVENT Natural Bottle.

What makes these the latest and greatest from Philips AVENT?

Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump:

  • Unique design allows moms to sit more comfortably with no need to lean forward
  • Gentle stimulation mode to get your milk flowing and a choice of three pumping settings to make milk flow most comfortable for moms
  • Soft massage cushion with warm feel for comfortable, gentle stimulation of mom’s milk flow
  • Includes Philips AVENT Natural bottle and nipple for natural latch on, making it easy for babies to combine breast and bottle feeding

Philips Avent SCF693-17 Natural Feeding Bottles New Born 260ml 9oz 1 Pack - Avent Malaysia 2Philips AVENT Natural Bottle:

  • Wide, breast-shaped nipple designed to help your baby latch on naturally
  • Special comfort ‘petals’ inside the nipple to increase softness and flexibility without collapse
  • Advanced anti-colic system with innovative twin valve allows air into the bottle – not baby’s tummy
  • Works with the Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump, making it easy for babies to combine breast and bottle feeding

Over all Harper took great to the natural bottle and had no issue jump between the bottle and direct breast feeding.

The Breast Pump did help allow me to get involved in the feeding time ritual, which is super import to help support a new mom. I think my wife found the breast pump to work great and it was small enough to even take overnight to a wedding. The bottles are very easy to put together you can even put them together in the pitch dark while holding a baby (dont try that at home – I’m a trained professional).


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