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Could the iPad really change how we read? I think so!

I wasn’t one of the many who posted specs day one and started to imagine the possibility of what this could mean. I’ll totally admit it I’m an apple fan boy, I think they’re made great products and changed the way many have used computers but I wasn’t sold just yet on the iPad they missed major things like video conferencing and some form of flash support.

Now a week plus after the release I’ve heard all the good and all the bad people have to say about the product (the good out weights the bad by a long shot).

My son loves our iPhones knows that the home button will turn off his game or movie/tv show (even though he still pushes it from time to time). He’s starting to learn the concept of interactive play with some of the games I’ve put in my prior iPhone/iPod Touch post [Link].

Now I’m starting to look and think about the iPad, the possibilities are limitless instead of kids carrying around backpacks ready to break their backs everyday. They need just one device loaded with rich content, and my example of just how it will it change how kids read? Take a look at this video clip…

Thats pretty awesome stuff could you imagine if all the children books became just a little more animated. Could you imagine a science text book that had interactions embedded into the content to show students how something worked? How about math books where the graphic calculator was built into the book?