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10 Days of Gifting! Tegu Block Set Giveaway

Welcome to the ninth day out of our 10 days of gifting – Today we have a great set of the Tegu magnetic blocks. These blocks are awesome if you havent been following along @Tegu on twitter you’re missing some really cool handy work as they create custom requests just recently they did a Tegu 12 days of Christmas song which I thought was awesome – you can check it out below. ...  [ read more ]

10 Days of Gifting! Zoocchini Giveaway

Welcome to the eighth day out of our 10 days of gifting – Today we have a create your own prize pack from Zoocchini – so please go to www.zoocchini.com and figure out which Towel, Dinnerwear Set & Plush Friend you’d like to win come back here and leave a comment with your picks… Also if you want some extra entries you can go to Facebook.com/DaDaRocks and on the wall “ I want to win a Zoocchini prize pack from DaDaRocks.com ” or you can tweet “ I want to win a Prize Pack from @zoocchiniNYC thanks to @dadarocks at http://bit.ly/hL16nm ” and don’t forget you must follow @dadarocks as well. ...  [ read more ]

10 Days of Gifting! Scholastic Prize Packs Giveaway – 3 packs for different ages

Welcome to the seventh day out of our 10 days of gifting  – Today we have three different prize packs from Scholastic (we’ll have 3 different winners)…

Little Ones:
Here Comes Christmas by Caroline Jayne Church.  A little boy imagines what he’ll receive for Christmas: a dragon to ride, a lollipop tree–but can these things be? Caroline Jayne Church’s incredible art appeal to kids and parents alike, and the touch-and-feels on every spread keep readers enthralled! $7.99
Little Scholastic: Stacking Shapes by Salina Yoon.  A literary spin on a classic toy, Little Scholastic: Stacking Shapes is an active read for any young child. Children can sort and stack the four primary-colored die-cut board books on a solid post, and read each one to learn about shapes and colors! $12.99. ...  [ read more ]

10 Days of Gifting! Ben 10 toys from Bandai Giveaway

Welcome to the sixth day of our 10 days of gifting  – Today we have a pair of really cool Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Toys from Bandai Ultimate Humungousaur (DNA Alien Heroes) [Amazon], & Water Hazard (DNA Alien Heroes) [Amazon]. Here is a link to some of the other figures: http://www.bandai.com/ben10/products/figures. I actually watch Ben 10 myself, and as that goof ball that does have toys around the office these would be perfect for Dads or Kids. ...  [ read more ]

10 Days of Gifting! Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures Giveaway

Welcome to the fifth day out of our 10 days of gifting (half way done!) – Today we have a Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures [Amazon]. This is the add on only, this DOES NOT include the xbox 360 – just gotta make this clear. This is by far the hit of the season for any video game fan. They’re actually becoming a little hard to find in some neck of the woods. ...  [ read more ]

10 Days of Gifting! Tassimo Brewbot – serving one cup at a time – review and giveaway

Welcome to day 3 of 10 days of gifting – We’ve got a great gift for those that drink almost anything! I mean it this Tassimo Brewbot T20 by Bosch [Amazon] serves up coffee, tea, cappuccino, latte, crema, espresso and hot cocoa.

When I told my wife she was like yah ok great… you want to know got her to smile is that Tassimo T-Cups are the only ones that have Starbucks – thats right it was like magic to her ears.  Each t-cup makes 6 oz of drink, of course you add more water but it will water down the drink.  It’s perfect for those families that don’t drink the same thing or just needs one cup in the morning or a cappuccino here or there. ...  [ read more ]

10 Days of Gifting! Ubisoft Petz Nintendo DS Game Pack!

Welcome to the second day of 10 days of gifting – Today we have a four pack of Nintendo DS games from Ubisoft… All the games are made for kids and all fall under the great Petz line. The games are… Petz Nursery 2, Petz Fantasy: Sunshine Magic, Petz Fantasy: Moonlight Magic, Petz Catz Playground ...  [ read more ]