dadWith Father’s Day just around the corner, mothers, fathers and kids alike are looking for creative ways to  celebrate on the greatest accomplishment of any man …being a dad.

Fathers are traditionally defined as the strong, stable provider for their children, but the reality is father’s also play a key role in the development of their kids’ social and emotional resilience. 

Here are some tips from Devereux (one of the largest not-for-profit behavioral healthcare organizations in the country) for the perfect Father’s Day celebration that combines fun, fanfare and family.

Below are 5 activities for this Father’s Day that Dad and the kids can do together to strengthen their bond and build their child’s social and emotional resilience. 

  1. That’s My Name (Infants) – Make some daddy-baby time to read some stories, or make up your own.  Be sure to incorporate your baby’s name and of course the man of honor, daddy,  into the story!
  2. Still as Statues (Toddlers) – Top the day off with a dance party – we know you have it in you, Dad – put on some of Dad’s favorite songs and encourage your toddler to dance-it-out and freeze when the music stops!
  3. Walking on my Knees for You– (Pre-School ) – Dad and child can spend some time getting on the same level…literally! Take some time to talk about your favorite childhood activities and then show them how it’s done!
  4. Let’s Get Physical-(Pre-School)  A catch with Dad is as iconic as ice cream and apple pie, bond with your child through traditional outdoor games and make some memories of your own!
  5. All About My Feelings Book (school age 6-10) – What better gift than finding out all the amazing ways your child loves and cares for you as a Daddy?!  Start with how time spent with dad makes them feel, and you’ll be amazed where it can go!

Devereux Center for Resilient Children