gogreenWe’ve all heard about the importance of reducing our carbon footprint but did you know that we have a food footprint as well? Your food footprint is the amount of farmland, grazing land, forest and fishing grounds needed to produce your food, plus all land and water needed to absorb carbon emissions from the production and transportation of your food.

In the new book from Disney’s Mickey & Friends Collection, Go Green! A Family Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle, Mickey, Minnie and other notable Disney character highlight the importance of understanding the role our food plays in living a greener and healthier life. Providing details that help children and families to first understand this specific impact and then put them into practice, Go Green! also offers:

  • Tips for starting a container garden to grow your own fruits & vegetables
  • Guidance on starting a compost piles and information on the important of healthy soil
  • How to reduce waste by safely reusing things like plastic bags and bottles, not only for food use but arts & crafts as well
  • Recipes for making your own healthy chips from carrots, kale, turnips and more
  • Why we need to focus on eating locally and seasonally