IMG_4951Last week, we got a special advance look at MarioKart 8 for the Nintendo WiiU, and the game looks amazing! It’s a perfect mix of classic MarioKart elements you know and love and new features that make great use of the WiiU’s advanced capabilities. Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect in the racing game, out May 30th.

What’s Back

As I said, this MarioKart continues the trend of remastering old favorites and retaining classic elements from the previous installments. You can expect the following to stick around in MarioKart 8:

  • Motorbikes (MarioKart Wii)
  • Hang Gliders (MarioKart 7)
  • Car Customization (MarioKart 7)
  • Underwater Racing (MarioKart 7)
  • Online Multiplayer (MarioKart Wii)
  • Standard Items (MarioKart franchise)
  • 16 remastered courses (MarioKart 64-MarioKart 7)

What’s New

However, it’s not all a blast from the past in MarioKart 8— there’s quite a bit of fresh material here too! These new features are sure to make MarioKart 8 a hit:

  • Anti-Gravity Racing, which allows players to drive on walls and ceilings in certain parts of the track
  • New Playable Characters: the Koopalings
  • New Playable Character: Baby Rosalina
  • New Playable Character: Pink Gold Princess Peach
  • New Item: Boomerang, with the ability to be thrown three times and hit other drivers on its return to the player
  • New Item: Piranha Plant, which attacks other racers and clears obstacles
  • New Item: Super Horn, the first item with the ability to deflect the Blue Spiny Shell
  • 16 new courses

MarioKart 8 looks to be another classic installment in the MarioKart series– be sure to check it out when it hits shelves May 30!