Proud Parents Show Off Their “Incredible Kids” Through Touching Stories and Hilarious Quotes in Things Remembered Facebook Contest

Every kid is amazing, but every parent knows their kid is incredible.

 It is true – all parents think of their children as nothing short of amazing, but there is a way for the whole world to know just how incredible they truly are.

Things Remembered, the nation’s leader in personalized gifts, has invites parents to enter the My Incredible Kid Facebook Contest. Through March 31st, Things Remembered Facebook fans can show off their funny, wacky, sweet, intelligent, cute, caring kids through photos and stories highlighting why their kid is the MOST incredible kid on Earth.

Things Remembered will select 20 lucky winners to receive an engraved ID bracelet with the child’s name on the front and a special, secret message from the parent engraved on the back. These secret engraved messages let children carry the loving words of their parents everywhere they go.

“We want to know all about the incredible kids out there, and this Facebook contest gives parents a reason to reflect on the blessings, milestones and, more often than not, funny moments,” said Amy Myers, vice president of Creative Services at Things Remembered. “Maybe it’s his can-do attitude, her love of animals, his volunteerism, or her spirit to overcome adversity – we want to recognize all children from ages one through 18.”

The engraved ID bracelets are valued at up to $50 and come in two versions – one for boys and one for girls.

Parents can enter their children through Things Remembered’s My Incredible Kid Contest Facebook page.