Microsoft Office 2013 is out now

OfficelogoOrange_PageThe new Office is the most ambitious release of Office Microsoft has ever put out. It really is a ground up overhaul… The new Office has a fresh, touch friendly design that works beautifully on Windows 8 and unlocks modern scenarios in social, reading, note-taking, meetings and communications.

Best part is the modernizing Office, and an important part of that is the introduction of new subscriptions. Subscriptions open a host of possibilities and with a single subscription, you can use Office across a wide variety of devices – everything from PCs and tablets to Macs – and your documents and settings roam with you with Office in the Cloud.

Wondering if the subscription Office 365 or going with a boxed product that you’ve known for years is the right choice? Check out this chart.


I’ve got some great links that’ll help you know whats new and even better some quick start guides to help you jump right into the new apps.

What’s new in Word 2013











What’s new in Excel 2013











What’s New in PowerPoint 2013











What’s new in Outlook 2013










7 thoughts on “Microsoft Office 2013 is out now”

  1. I think having a subscription base suite from Microsoft (of all companies) is a great step in making an otherwise tempting-to-pirate software more easily accessible to many. In my country, software piracy is rather rampant so this should help reduce that a little.

    On a more detailed observation, the new Power Point looks brilliant!

  2. They are definitely going for a more visual feel to their help documents and show what’s new. That’s a big switch for Microsoft. It will be interesting to see how the new office takes off.

  3. Looks interesting. I’m thinking I have upgrades with my Microsoft office. I’ll have to look into it. But I’m also one who isn’t keen on change. lol I get comfortable with how everything works on what I have now.

  4. I really want to try out the new microsoft office. It looks amazing!

    Aaron Brinker aka DadBlunders

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