Having a child is pretty amazing… whats also amazing is watching them grown up.  First its just in size, then its in sounds, now its in written form for my child.  He loves arts and crafts (who does) but recently he found that a green crayon would look amazing on the walls.

Of course writing on the walls isnt something that most would be proud of… and trust me when I say it wasnt an easy task to tell him that its wrong to draw on walls would be an understatement.

But its the sign of things to come – if you look at it you could almost imagine the scribbles saying LOVE (at least thats what I’m saying it is) but its the sign that its time to teach some rules like where the point of the crayon belongs, its the start of his writing abilities, and making sure while we teach him where that creativity can go.

Part of the mission is the foster and encourage my child’s creativity while not putting in place so many rules that he can be creative around it.  Most of what we have today is build on one’s creative solution to one’s problem… and if we discipline in a way that hampers creativity then we may not solve the next problems.