Body and Brain Connection for Xbox 360 Kinect by NAMCO Bandai Games Review and Giveaway

Body and Brain Connection [] is the first Brain Training game available on Xbox 360 with Kinect, and the only game worldwide to integrate cerebral and physical challenges for the optimal gaming experience. And given its multiplayer mode and ease of use, whole families can enjoy and receive the benefits of Body and Brain Connection’s myriad of mini-games, challenges and exercises.

Exercise your brain…with your body!
Developed under the supervision of renowned Japanese neuroscientist Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, Body and Brain Connection revolutionizes the mega-popular Brain Training genre he helped originate with an all-new, unique blend of physical and cerebral challenges. With Dr. Kawashima’s latest research proving that brain activity is augmented by physical movement, Body and Brain Connection challenges players to exercise both their minds and bodies with fun, fast-paced mini-games ranging from math, logic and memory to reflex and physical-orientation exercises.

Key Game Features

  • Fun For All Ages and Brains – With no controllers necessary and an E-for-Everyone rating, Body and Brain Connection brings whole families together regardless of age or skill level!
  • Doctor Approved – Dr. Kawashima, originator of the Brain Training genre, has supervised and approved every aspect of Body and Brain Connection, guaranteeing it’s as fun and challenging as it is cutting-edge!
  • Unparalleled Replay Value – Combining 4-player competition and 20 exercises with the full-motion capabilities of the Xbox 360® Kinect™ Sensor, Body and Brain Connection ensures hours of replayability!
  • First Brain Training Title on Xbox 360 with Kinect – Body and Brain Connection is the only game of its kind on Xbox 360 with Kinect and the first Xbox 360 with Kinect release for Namco, delivering a wholly unique experience to an entirely new audience!
  • Robust In-Game Tracking – Body and Brain Connection boasts persistent data tracking and exercises that can be customized for individuals as well as groups, ensuring a fun, engaging experience for all!

The game makes you think and move all at the same time – its a little tough at times and certainly not for kids younger then 6.  I enjoyed the game play value and it certainly got me into rivalry with my wife fast enough.  There are some challenges that I just found really hard myself but I have been playing with it seeing if I can improve my “brain age” so there is a replay value there…. but I think its ideally great for having friends over and playing it like a party game or being able to show off the kinects skills.

How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. June 2nd, 2011.
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Disclaimer: Thanks to microsoft xbox 360 kinect team  for this giveaway.

37 thoughts on “Body and Brain Connection for Xbox 360 Kinect by NAMCO Bandai Games Review and Giveaway”

  1. I think my brain age might be a little younger than my real age, but only because I try and stay active (gimme a break I am over 50 LOL)

  2. I am pretty sure that my brain age will be 80. Give me a week or two and I can trim it down, but my brain is on autopilot most of the time :o) Twitter: RealMenRealDads

  3. Body and Brain Connection looks like a great game that will allow mankind to finally start using more than the small percentage of our brain power. It also seems like a great tool and resource for those parents who have decided to educate our own children (like my wife & I) and home school them. B&BC Incorporates learning and fun with physical activity. In a word, it’s “Perfect”. Thanks to Dr. Ryuta Kawashima for his input and supervision.

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