The future of DadaRocks and Cision Names Top 50 Daddy Bloggers

If you read my blog you know I’ve started someplace very different then where I am today based on input from family, friends, PR, Brands, Bloggers, and my own ideas of trying to move forward (without a direction)… no matter what… writing for me isnt the easiest – while if you sit down with me; I can just talk and talk and talk… usually with a pretty good idea of the topic I’m talking about…. but here it is over a year and half after starting this project (which I thought was going to be a little hobby) never excepting it to have grown into what it is today.  Since that time I’ve co-founded numerous other daddy projects like and with great dads in the community of twitter.  Lately I’ve been working with Josh Becker of on which is a little different then other projects because its not just writing its video and its also a live show.

Why am I saying all this — for a very long time I’ve been tinkering with a DADAROCKS overhaul and between some recent interactions and some desire to push myself a little bit more… its going to be happening soon…  I’ll be doing more personal content (that hasnt been there in a while), bring in some video into dadarocks, covering more of things I’d like to see and do, some travel, some of my day job which is web programming and social media – just overall I’m hoping to move it all forward and to the next level but I have a better idea this time around of the direction.

When I recieved an email saying I was going to be listed as a top daddy blogger I did a little happy dance – its nice to get a little pat on the back. You know a little at-a-boy.  Being named number two – yes thats RIGHT #2 daddy blogger based on klout score is pretty pretty awesome.  Congrats to the other 49 Dads who are on this list – I know the hours we put in to this isnt just one or two a week.  Check out the Cision Top 50 Daddy Bloggers List and stayed tuned as you’ll start to see some changes first in content and then in design…. then a of new stuff should be exciting or it’ll be a terrible fail but one things for sure you cant just sit still and let it all just pass you by.

11 thoughts on “The future of DadaRocks and Cision Names Top 50 Daddy Bloggers”

  1. Hey, good luck. I’m all for personal stuff. It’s completely human to doubt yourself and feel hesitant about change, but I’m sure it’ll be great.

  2. BloggerFather:

    Hey, good luck. I’m all for personal stuff. It’s completely human to doubt yourself and feel hesitant about change, but I’m sure it’ll be great.

    Thanks man – I’ve been putting it off for a while but I think its time

  3. I don’t know why so many people are so concerned with telling others how they should blog. A blog that focuses on or is primarily made up of reviews and/or giveaways is still a blog. I think people should spend more time thinking about how to work on their own blog instead of judging others. If you’re not a writer don’t write…if you are, then do it!

    I think you should do whatever makes you happy. So good luck making the transition and no matter what you decide to do it’s your blog and you decide what it looks like, not others.

  4. Thanks Josh… You know its good to always try to balance of what others think and what your own desires are but its also impossible to please all the people all the time. Gotta start some place and its a little hard when you have so much moving forward to always course correct so this will take a little bit of an effort but should be fun!

  5. Way to go! Actually, I found your site through the Top 50 dad blogs. I’d love to get my site on that list one day. But, well, I just started this June…a tiny squirrel trying to get a nut.

    Anyway, yeah, personal content is great, especially if life lessons can impact the parenting of other dads who are reading your site.

    God bless ya, man! Keep up the great work.

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