How have computers improved your child’s life?

I’ve partnered with SAY Media and Microsoft on this campaign and in the hopes of opening a dialog around the concept of kids and computers (and more specific to me toddlers and slates/tablets) to allow brands to connect with audiences around their passions in environments where they’re spending time and opinions are being shaped. This question is how have computer improved your child’s life? Out of the choices and at my child’s current developmental stage its all about reading and speaking… so here’s my answer Having a toddler son who is growing up in the age of tablets is really special. Even at the young age of two and a half he knows how to open apps, close apps, switch to different video shows, and even play some of the games. It’s really amazing to me because at his young age he has a vocabulary that I still don’t think most 4-year-olds have. I know him knowing his full ABCs and 123s is impressive to many, and all that credit goes to the interactive reading apps he’s been playing with.  Full disclosure this post was Sponsored by ASUS Windows Slate. Hopefully you’ll check out some other answers and add your own…

3 thoughts on “How have computers improved your child’s life?”

  1. I think I play with Mommy’s iPad more than she does! I can open & close apps, navigate the menu screen, and play my favorite games myself – with *close* supervision, of course (I’m 19 months old, no one’s handing me a $500 tablet and walking away!). I know my shapes and loads of animals, and while we *know* it’s not reading, I do recognize a few sight words.

  2. My son just turned 2 years old and surprised the dickens out of us last week when he could read every letter of the alphabet in an order presented. We didn’t use any special techniques or the “Your baby can read apps”. He learned how to read the complete alphabet form playing with toddler learning apps on my iPad. Before this I was nervous that using the iPad may not be the best thing for him, but now that my son can read EVERY letter of the alphabet and all because of the iPad.
    I’m a believer in the power of computers and children!

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