Win a 3 month supply of Huggies Diapers and tips on how to keep up with your little movers

One of the things you get really quickly when you have a baby is just how much work goes into taking care of them – you also never know just how many diapers you’ll go through in a given day.  Let me tell you – its A LOT! Here’s Laila Ali’s tips for how to keep up with your little ones.

10 Tips to Keep Up with Little Movers: By Laila Ali

1. Get moving! Finding time to hit the gym isn’t always easy with a baby at home, so find ways to incorporate aerobic activity into your day. Walk to the library or supermarket whenever possible, and be sure to get your toddler out of his or her stroller so they can walk some of the way, too. If walking to your destination isn’t an option, park the car far from entrances or take the stairs instead of the elevator!

2. Surround yourself with support: From sharing parenting advice to all those special “firsts” in your baby’s life, connecting with other parents is a great way to surround yourself with needed support. Huggies® Brand is helping Parents all over the country come together by teaming up with Meetup, the world’s largest online network of local groups, to host 60 “Keep-Up Meetups” from January – March. “Keep-Up Kits” will be given away to help Meetup Parents keep up with their Little Mover!

3. Laugh! From spit-up to the spilled milk, don’t be afraid to laugh off the silly situations. Laughter really is the best medicine – relieving stress, and burning extra calories! Remember, parenting is never perfect so next time you find yourself in the middle of that messy diaper change don’t let yourself stress – instead let out a loud laugh!

4. Accept a Helping Hand! For a first time Parent, it’s hard to realize you really can’t do it all. Keeping up with your Little Mover all day can be exhausting! When feeling overwhelmed and ready to pull out your hair, it is ok to admit to yourself that you really could use that extra helping hand. Accept your family’s or friend’s offer to come over and keep your Little One entertained for a couple of hours. Don’t second guess this decision, be grateful and accept the favor because you deserve it (and others relish the time with your little bundle of joy)!

5. Don’t Forget to Sleep! Between the late night feedings and round the clock diaper duty, it may seem impossible to get more than a couple hours of shut-eye. To keep from feeling like you are going to fall asleep while at the stroller wheel, try to fit in a nap during the day while your baby snoozes and for the working Parent, ensure you head to bed as soon as possible once the little ones are tucked snuggly in their beds. Teaming up with your partner and switching off middle-of-the-night feedings and diaper changes can also save you from exhaustion!

6. Take up a hobby: Setting aside time to work on something you enjoy can help clear your mind and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Don’t be afraid to try out different hobbies until you find the one that fits your schedule and interests. If your hobby is one that can include your Little One, do it this can make for some very special bonding time!

7. Stay Organized: Organization is key to keeping stress to a minimum! From making sure the diaper bag is prepared prior to that long car ride or day at the playground, staying organized and scheduling your day can help you stay calm, cool and collected.

8. Reward yourself: Parents deserve rewards for all that they do on days other than Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. What’s even better is getting kickbacks on items they already purchase – like diapers! This season, enjoy a winning code in every pack of Huggies® Little Movers diapers to cash in for prizes like Starbucks gift cards and iPods! Submit each on-pack code online at to win.

9. Take a break! Be committed to taking regular breaks away from your children. It’s easy to brush off the importance of “me time” but it’s a must to keep you at your best – whether it’s taking a walk, reading a book or going for a drive, “me time” cannot be underestimated!

10. Remember to Treasure those “Aww-Inspired” Moments: Last but certainly NOT least, remember to sit back and enjoy the ride of a lifetime – parenthood! From sharing photos of your Little One rocking Huggies® Little Movers diapers on the Huggies Facebook page, to connecting with other parents on the Huggies Twitter page, remember to treasure each parenting moment!

If you’re looking for some huggies coupons check this link.  If you’re looking for more energy – sorry we’re looking for that too and if you have a baby – just wait for them to become toddlers.


How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. April 14th, 2011.
Leave a comment below with what size huggies your child wears and please include some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email).
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You will have 24 hours to reply before we pick another winner!
Disclaimer: Thanks to Huggies for providing the 3 months supply of coupons for which the winner will purchase the diapers in the size they need.

Author: DaDa Rocks!

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