What develops Kids’ creativity?

I’ve partnered with SAY Media and Microsoft on this campaign and in the hopes of opening a dialog around the concept of kids and computers (and more specific to me toddlers and slates/tablets) to allow brands to connect with audiences around their passions in environments where they’re spending time and opinions are being shaped. What develops Kids’ creativity? I felt the answer out of the choices was drawing because creativity is the imagination at play, drawing is just that imagination. Because you start with just a blank page everything you draw or create is from your memory or imagination, you can create an entire world on your own. – what would you answer this question as? http://new.conversations.typepad.com/co0147e2cbe67b970b/which-activity-best-develops-kids-creativity. Full disclosure this post was Sponsored by ASUS Windows Slate.

2 thoughts on “What develops Kids’ creativity?”

  1. I can’t speak to any experience via a tablet running Windows 7. I have used an Apple iPad and can attest to the brilliantly intuitive nature of the product’s user interface. A child has no obstacles learning how to use it. Enabling a child to seamlessly interact with a tech device can foster his or her creativity. Applications catering to children can further their growth in a variety of subject areas (il.e. music, drawing, math, reading, etc.). I’d highly recommend an Apple iPad for now since it has an abundance of Apps created for children. If in fact the Windows 7 platform takes off and there’s greater support for it by developers, I’d certainly take a look at their offerings.


    Vincent | CuteMonster.com

  2. What develops kids creativity? Well not being afraid as an adult to act silly and be silly for one. Kids learn through observation so if we sit and draw with them they see our inner child and learn. Kids are not too young even at 2 and 3 to start learning games on the computer and such, they are extremely bright kids more then adults sometimes realize. They may not communicate with words but that does not mean their brain isn’t in full [email protected]

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