Tangled the movie comes to DVD and BluRay – Review and Giveaway

Disney’s 50th full-length animated feature film, Tangled is a visually appealing, music-filled adventure full of romance and humor. The movie focuses on Rapunzel, this latest retelling begins with a tiny piece of sunlight falling to earth and a magical golden flower sprouting where it lands. The flower, and its ability to restore youth, is discovered, used and kept secret by Mother Gothel. When the kingdom’s beloved queen falls ill, a search for the flower (apparently its existence wasn’t *completely* secret) is successfully undertaken and the healing potion brewed from it restores the queen’s health. The flower’s magical abilities are also transferred to the hair of the queen’s unborn child, Rapunzel. When Mother Gothel discovers this and learns that the magical properties are only retained as long as the hair remains uncut, she kidnaps Rapunzel and raises her as her own child. Claiming that she wants to keep Rapunzel safe from a frightening world full of danger and thugs, Mother Gothel locks her away in a remote tower. While her hair (almost a character in and of itself) grows longer and longer, Rapunzel blossoms into a surprisingly well-adjusted young woman and gifted artist who longs to see the world – particularly the mysterious lights that appear in the night sky each year on her birthday.

Enter our amusing narrator, Flynn Rider, a roguish thief who has just stolen a tiara and is on the run from palace guards when he comes across Rapunzel’s tower and takes refuge there. The very competent Rapunzel restrains Flynn, hides the tiara and strikes a bargain with him – she will return the tiara to him if he will agree to take her to see those mysterious lights, which he tells her are floating lanterns. Flynn agrees and the two set off on a rollicking adventure. Pursued now, not only by Maximus – a horse from the palace guard who refuses to give up the chase – but also by a pair of thugs Flynn double-crossed AND Mother Gothel, Flynn and Rapunzel learn to trust each other as they make one narrow escape from their pursuers after another.

This movie is a new age of Disney were the princess isnt helpless she’s actually got a ton of spunk and if very independent. As with all Disney moves there is a double edge to the humor which makes it totally enjoyable for an adult to watch along too.  Adding to this great package is 3D and this movie certainly is better for it.  The 3D animation is awesome.




· Untangled: The Making of a Fairy Tale – Exactly how long is Rapunzel’s hair? How many lanterns were used? Where did Pascal’s name come from? Which Disney animated feature first utilized CG animation? These and more will be answered when Mandy Moore and Zach Levi take viewers on a kooky behind-the-scenes tour to learn how the filmmakers styled this film’s “Golden Tresses.”

· Deleted Scenes – Co-directors Byron Howard and Nathan Greno introduce three scenes and illuminate why they were ultimately cut.

Ø  The Jaunty Moose

Ø  Chemistry Develops

Ø  “Vigor The Visionary”

· Extended Songs – The complete versions of two great songs are shared in a unique feature that explains the co-directors decision to scale them down.

Ø  “When Will My Life Begin”

Ø  “Mother Knows Best”

· Two Original Storybook Openings – Two alternate versions of the film’s opening sequence described by co-directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard.

· 50th Animated Feature Countdown – A video montage celebrating Tangled as the 50th film to join The Walt Disney Studios’ prestigious lineup of classic animated features.

· 9 Tangled Teasers – A collection of the most unique and quirky commercials made for the theatrical release of “Tangled.” Some are spoofs based off of infomercials and/or breaking news, some are teasers and others are simply just funny filmstrips.


The prize pack includes:

  • 2D Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack
  • Adult Size Large Blue T-Shirt featuring Maximus the police horse
  • Adult Size Large Green T-Shirt featuring Pascal the chameleon
  • a do-it-yourself paper lantern

How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. March 28th, 2011.

What is the Chameleon’s name? and please include some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email).

You get 1 extra entry for tweeting about this contest (you can do this daily). Must contain the following information: #Disney #Tangled DVD @dadarocks – http://dad.tc/g8ViK4 and you must also comment with the link to your twitter message.

Example: I want to win the #Disney #Tangled DVD from @dadarocks – http://dad.tc/g8ViK4

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You will have 24 hours to reply before we pick another winner!

Disclaimer: The Walt Disney Studios provided the DVD for this raffle

Author: DaDa Rocks!

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