Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Ideas, Suggestions, Cards and of course a giveaway

Congrats its less then 48 hours till valentine’s day and what do you have to to show for it? Maybe you picked up a card? hopefully right? cause if your card stores are anything like mine there is nothing left starting tomorrow.  So for you last minute people we’ve got printable cards from Pocoyo [Elly, Pato, Loula, and Pocoyo]. There you go great for kids and ok for your significant others.

Now need those last minute treats? Starters Candy – my wife certainly has a sweet tooth for dark chocolate and I’m sure many others out there do too… she’s not a fancy $40 box of chocolate type of girl, which is good cause I’m sooooo not a spending $40 on chocolate type of guy.  She loves a good old fashion russell stover, willy wonka, hershey’s type of girl (WIN!). For me I’m totally a red licorice dude, and if you’re taking notes I love australian red licorice and dried strawberries.

How about physical gifts that’ll last? Well there is always photos and photo albums with tons of 1 hour labs its a fairly easy task.  Next idea you can pick up a nail or hair gift card, geez have you looked at the prices of those things?! so picking up the tab is a super gift.

For those techies out there you can always walk into any Verizon store and pickup a new bluetooth headset… I’ve always been a big fan of Jabra so the Jabra WAVE in red headset features the most comfortable and stable wearing-style.  Featuring innovative new wind-noise reduction technology and Voice Guidance, the Jabra WAVE is available in three designs exclusively at Verizon Wireless. The WAVE offers even greater comfort than behind-the-ear legacy products, but with a thinner, sleeker design.  The WAVE is available in black and red – and has a corded version in black. $59.99

Which leads us to the giveaway… Yes, its going to end after valentine’s day so you better not count this as the gift.

How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. February 22nd, 2011.

You get 1 entry for placing a comment what your gift idea or desire is and please use some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email)

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You will have 12 hours to reply before we pick another winner!

Disclaimer: Jabra is providing these devices for the raffle.

Author: DaDa Rocks!

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  1. I want to win a @Jabra_US Wave in RED from @dadarocks –

  2. want to win this head set

  3. I would love to get a Canon or Nikon DSLR for V-Day, but do not think it will happen!

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  6. My gift for V-day would just be a nice dinner at home with the whole family..doesn’t happen much anymore
    [email protected] dot net

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  8. I follow Jabra on twitter

  9. I subscribe to you by email
    [email protected] dot net

  10. I would love to go out for dinner. Not having to cook, or clean up is a great gift!

  11. I’m following Jabra on twitter as @bmom76.

  12. i would love to win an IPOD for Valentines Day

  13. I would love to spend the evening going out to dinner, not having to cook, and getting a movie to come back and relax and watch it. Chocolate and flowers are nice too 🙂

  14. I am following you on Twitter: @BNTVosburgh

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  18. I am an email subscriber.

  19. All I desire for V-Day is a box of Lindt dark chocolate truffles! Mmmmmm, <3 them!!! @VectoringMomma

  20. I follow @dadarocks on twitter! @VectoringMomma

  21. I follow @Jabra_US! @VectoringMomma

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  23. Didn’t see suggest to friends so I shared on Facebook! @VectoringMomma

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  25. I usually make my husband a nice meal, steak are always a hit. Pretty low key with two little one and few babysitting options. but I could sweeten the deal with the promise of a new bluetooth headset 🙂 @Slappy2001

  26. Following dadarocks on twitter @Slappy2001

  27. Fan of Dadarocks on facebook as Diana B Vincent

  28. Subscribed to Feedburner digest mailing at this email

  29. My gift idea is to get him a nice laptop. @purplelaptop2

  30. I am a fan on facebook @purplelaptop2

  31. I am Fan on facebook of Jabra @purplelaptop2

  32. I subscribed via email @purplelaptop2

  33. I think an awesome Valentine’s day would be a picnic and a hot air ballon ride! That would be very nice.

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  36. I am a FB fan! Lifeonprint Cindy H

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  38. My favorite Valentines would be a picnic with my husband then to go flying! at gmail dot com

  39. I follow you on Twitter: @HedgeHogi at gmail dot com

  40. I am a FB fan of Jabra (Tearsa Keith) at gmail dot com

  41. I already subscribe to you by email at gmail dot com

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