Welcome to the seventh day out of our 10 days of gifting  – Today we have three different prize packs from Scholastic (we’ll have 3 different winners)…

Little Ones:
Here Comes Christmas by Caroline Jayne Church.  A little boy imagines what he’ll receive for Christmas: a dragon to ride, a lollipop tree–but can these things be? Caroline Jayne Church’s incredible art appeal to kids and parents alike, and the touch-and-feels on every spread keep readers enthralled! $7.99
Little Scholastic: Stacking Shapes by Salina Yoon.  A literary spin on a classic toy, Little Scholastic: Stacking Shapes is an active read for any young child. Children can sort and stack the four primary-colored die-cut board books on a solid post, and read each one to learn about shapes and colors! $12.99.

It’s Christmas David! by David Shannon.  Readers of all ages will vividly remember trying to peek at hidden gift packages; writing scrolls of wish lists to Santa; and struggling to behave at formal Christmas dinner parties. Always in the background, we know Santa Claus is watching, soon to decide if David deserves a shiny new fire truck or a lump of coal under the tree. From playing with delicate ornaments to standing in an endlessly long line for Santa, here are common Christmas activities–but with David’s naughty trimmings. $16.99.

For Bigger Kids:
I Spy Spooky Mansion Wii Game – Discover a thrilling I SPY adventure hidden in a mysterious old house! A clever skeleton traps you inside his spooky mansion with a challenge to find his secret way out. In first-person play, explore each room of the house to reveal its 33 I SPY riddles. Solve I SPY riddles, earn clues and play brain-teasing game to uncover the mansion’s secret escape! $29.99

Klutz: Music Video – Whether you lip-sync or play your own tunes, you can create an awesome video starring your awesome self. Learn how to develop storyboards, add drama with special angles and create clever camera tricks. All you need is a basic video camera and a dream. In addition to the software, the book comes with a green screen. This humble swatch of technological magic allows you to swap out the green background for any imagery you choose. Pick one of the 25 backgrounds provided, or put yourself in any setting you want — all from the comfort of your own family room. Rock on!  $16.99

Teens & Tweens:
The Hunger Games Trilogy Box Set by Suzanne Collins.  From start to finish, this New York Times bestselling, trilogy (that already has a movie in the works and a growing celebrity fan base) will give readers chills as they follow teen protagonist Katniss Everdeen on her journey to survive The Hunger Games.  Katniss must fight to the death in The Games while trying to save her friends, family and herself.  $53.97

All these great books can be found on the Scholastic Store (or at the scholastic store if you’re lucky enough to have one near by) http://store.scholastic.com

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Thanks to scholastic for providing these awesome prize packs! but sorry this is limited to United States only.