Football Football Football TGIFootball!

The NFL is back in season and thankfully just in time – I need a good distraction and rooting for my favorite sport is just what the doctor ordered.  Sure week 1 was great – upsets, penalties that resulted in the change of the outcome (pet peeve), field goals, injuries, touch downs, and cheerleaders! yup we’ve got it all!

One thing I really didn’t like was Sunday nights game where Dallas had a last second penalty that changed the out come of the game and I really don’t think that’s how games should end – push them back 5/10 yards put 1 second on the clock and lets play. I’ve never been a fan of fact the game can end with a whimper instead of a bang!

The other thing I really enjoy about football is the side pools that are always running! My Uncle Jon runs a great little suicide (aka pick em) pool over at [Link] it starts week 2 – just in case you want in on the action.

My picks are pretty simple I think the Jets will do good this season, the Seahawks might impress you a bit, and the Titans are all going to be the strong teams this year. Who are you picking this season?

2 thoughts on “Football Football Football TGIFootball!”

  1. I’m sooooo going for the Texans this year!!! Did you see they upset the Colts big time!! Yep…the Texans are a team to watch, with the new kicker (the old kicker is why they lost so many close games last year) and just the great playing!

  2. While I love football, with football season come FANTASY football season! My husband takes this very seriously and is in FIVE different leagues. These things suck up way too much of his evening free time and he insists on having the computer out while we watch games so that we don’t even really seem to talk or enjoy the games together anymore.
    Just wish I could get him to love fantasy football a little less so that I can go back to loving football a little bit more!

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