The NFL is back in season and thankfully just in time – I need a good distraction and rooting for my favorite sport is just what the doctor ordered.  Sure week 1 was great – upsets, penalties that resulted in the change of the outcome (pet peeve), field goals, injuries, touch downs, and cheerleaders! yup we’ve got it all!

One thing I really didn’t like was Sunday nights game where Dallas had a last second penalty that changed the out come of the game and I really don’t think that’s how games should end – push them back 5/10 yards put 1 second on the clock and lets play. I’ve never been a fan of fact the game can end with a whimper instead of a bang!

The other thing I really enjoy about football is the side pools that are always running! My Uncle Jon runs a great little suicide (aka pick em) pool over at [Link] it starts week 2 – just in case you want in on the action.

My picks are pretty simple I think the Jets will do good this season, the Seahawks might impress you a bit, and the Titans are all going to be the strong teams this year. Who are you picking this season?