One thing I remember the most about watching Marc grow up was how many times I was told to deal with the wires of my computer.  Since we dont a home office my computer is in the living room which made it an easy target for our toddler.  I used lots of make shift tools/methods to protect my computer (I mean toddler 😛 ).  Of course my thought was to cover the open outlets in the power strip, I also put a piece of cardboard in front of the wires but behind the tables legs which worked wonders till he was old enough to actually move the cardboard enough to expose the wires… I totally admit that I sucked and I finally caved and did a ton of wire management, my wife simply opted for the purchase of a new iMac because there is only 1 card from wall to computer (she’s the smart one).  This is one of those dont do as I do but do as I say… or in this case as Kimberlee says…

Q:   How do I childproof the electrical wires in my home office?

A:   Today’s home is full of electrical hazards.  We have cell phones, PDA, iPhones, iPods, laptops, ear pieces, you name it! They all require an electrical charge which means they all have danger wires which can be strangulation hazards and electrical hazards.  It’s important for parents to keep these devices up high and away from our little ones who will spot a cord from their low vantage point and pull down on it out of curiosity.  Make sure your charging station if high up enough so baby can’t reach it.

I recommend that parents deem the home office an “off limits” room because there are so many hazards in there.  Many city folks don’t have that luxury of space and have to set up their home office in the main living quarters where the baby will have access.  One of my favorite childproofing products for childproofing the office area is the Safety 1st Power Strip Cover.  We’ve been using this for years as it’s the biggest one and can fit all the big bulky plugs inside and then closes up tight so your little ones can’t get in.  Next, replace your existing outlet faceplate on the wall with a Safety 1st Swivel Outlet Cover and plug in the power strip.

**SAFETY ADDED TIP: Replace all outlet covers in nursery (don’t forget the one behind the crib) as well as the main play area where you spend time with your child – push plugs work if they have a snug fit however it’s easy to forget to put them back in once removed.

Any exposed wires that cannot be moved and are within your child’s reach should be covered (i.e. under the desk, a lamp, etc.) with the wire covering. Safety 1st Wire Hider

is a great way to “erase” these wires from your baby’s view eliminating the safety hazard that wires can pose. It’s easy to install with the included double sided adhesive tape and you can use as many of the 16” covers you need to hide dangerous wires – we’ve used them along the baseboard or even up a wall to hide wires.

**ADDED SAFETY TIP: Also, great for hiding baby monitor and lamp wires in nursery.