I don’t have a child who is now being prepped to go back to school – cramming that summer reading list (by feeding the cliffnotes editions – here’s a tip save the cash and read the Wikipedia entry :P) but I am starting to prep for the end of summer, which is a pro and a con… Pro I can walk a city block without changing shirts (seriously it was a brutal summer anyone at blogher will say you walked a block and needed a shower!) Cons are pretty simple is that fall is becoming a quick season and winner will be here sooner then later… which means I’m due to spend a lot more on the back to school clothing 🙁

This video has been making the rounds, I posted it on facebook a few days ago and I wanted to share it again… because I keep hearing from Dads who have children going back to school – that this video is really what they’re doing while shopping for school supplies (in their head at least :P)