Being a dad is hard work, being a great dad is even harder work – there is so much juggling going on I feel like I’m in the circus from time to time.  Gotta balance the job/family/and your own sanity its a lot to handle.  When you think about what dad wants sure he could use a new fancy Kodak Playsport video camera [Amazon] that we can take in the pool with the kids but that’s not enough give him something that he can have on his desk at work like a piece of art work.  Give him a TROPHY!

No not one of those silly little league trophies they give to everyone for being a good sport and not quitting the team, when they were benched for the coach’s kid to get some extra playing time. I mean MAN TROPHY! I can already hear the sound of Tim Allen from his home improvement tv show of grrr grrr grrrr 🙂 you know what I’m talking about…

Check out this video – this thing is a beast! [Link]  was founded by Dave Mitri, nearly 15 years ago, when he sculpted the Armchair Quarterback, for his own fantasy football league, out of his garage in Cleveland, Ohio.  He now produces trophies for nearly every fantasy related sport and has moved the operation to a shop in Brooklyn, NY where he continues to produce the highest quality, most original trophies for diehard fantasy sports fanatics.

The giveaway is this incredible trophy!

How to win it… Contest ends 11:59am EST. June 15, 2010.

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