On Saturday night we put Marc to sleep – usually he cries for a moment then lays down and goes to sleep.  When someone says usually it means that not what happen and that is the case here too.  He cried for a minute or two and then I started hearing the crying getting closer, which I thought was odd.  In to the living room walks Marc, no longer crying but still catching his breathe… he waddles around and pulls himself up onto the couch as if we were watching his TV show (Yo Gabba Gabba or Jack’s Big Music show or Dora) and not mine.

He did it again on Sunday and Monday so it wasnt a fluke thing and that gives us a few less options.  The options we’ve come up with is to convert his crib into a toddler bed, leave his crib as is and try a crib tent, try to reason with him to stay in the crib (good luck with that one), and try to bribe him into staying in his crib (once again good luck with that one).

My wife and I have been talking it over but we’re not really sure which direction is the right way to go here.  If we go with the toddler bed there are chances he’ll up in bed with us (which I hear is a whole horror story in itself). I also read on some Doctors blog that sometime crib tents can make the child fearful of confined spaces (sounds pretty horrible to me too). The discussion is on going and we both know you cant pause time to figure it out. We’ve been letting him get to the point of almost climbing out before we get him.  Then he ends up staying a couple of hours with us.

No matter how much we love Marc he’s still a bed hog! Who usually ends up sleeping horizontal when we’re both vertical. I’m not sure which direction we’ll go in  but it’ll be a fun ride – right??  What do you think we should do? Do you have another suggestion for us to try?