This past Sunday we had an opportunity from @NYCityMama to attend Baby Love Disco [Link]. It Rocked! Think about an adult club made into a kid’s playhouse.  They played games with the kids such as limbo and dance off, which where not for my kids age group but that didn’t stop Marc. My kid was a dancing Machine, I can see him performing in Stomp right now!

Ok first how in the world did Marc learn to dance like a total white boy? Doing the hand rolls, finger snaps, and the fist bump! Due to timing we took off a little early, his nap time hit him with a little over an hour left to the party! Still he had a great time.

Lets break it down, the event will SELL out! Dont wait for tickets, go with another couple… because if you remember going to the disco you could barely hear anything back then and now you’re older and you have screaming/dancing kids rocking out.  Its not the best place to meet new people.  I thought it made for a great birthday party, if you can swing the date!