Do you have a mini me?

Just had to include it... too cute

Since the day my child was born it was scary how much he looked like me.  My wife really enjoyed hearing time and time again “did you have anything to do with this child?” sure its not like she didn’t carry him for the 9 and half months or anything.  Scary thing is Marc really is my mini me right now.

For the evidence here are some young pictures of me…

Here are some pictures of Marc over the last year plus…

I cant wait to see who Marc becomes in the future… watching him grown up before my eyes is amazing everyday its something new.  A new word, a new move, and a new ability to comprehend a task or activity. Maybe its not about seeing into the future to see who Marc will look like because the past is always a tell.  Here is a picture of my Grandfather (Marc’s great grandfather) with my Grandmother, father and two uncles.

What do you think scary enough?  So who does your child look like?

4 thoughts on “Do you have a mini me?”

  1. That's some good stuff.. I love going through old photos of me as a kid and seeing one of my kids in my faces or actions.

    The girls look more like their mom when she was a baby. My daughter is starting to get my features the older she gets.

    My son is all mini me clone.

  2. Your son is cute 🙂 My first born looks like his dad and my second son looks more like me. I have heard that most firstborns look like their father more than their mother so I wonder if that's true?

  3. My son is all my husband, and my daughter is my mini me. The funny thing is, I am told just how much they look alike, and while yes, they do share similarities, they have a lot of differences too. He's fair skinned, blonde hair, she has light brown hair and a darker complexion. He has hazel eyes, hers look like they're going to be a dark brown, with a hazel rim.

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