Valentine’s Day: Prep Day 4 – Gift for the Kids

Kids are usual pretty easy on Valentine’s day – a stuffed animal (perhaps with the year) and some candy that they normally don’t get to eat and you’re done right? Nope. These kids are wanting more so here are some ideas.

For the babies…
Pajamas – every baby store sells something with a heart – its cute and fun (or funny). Take some photos all dressed up, so you can embarrass them in years to come.

For the little ones that wont remember…
Stuffed Animal or little toy – they’ll love it for a second and forget about a moment later.  Take some photos and videos of them playing with it and feed them a special dessert.

For the young ones old enough to remember…
We can get them toys (to add to the junk pile a minute later) but what about taking them out to get the toys… make it an experience, going to the American Doll Store and building their own doll or to FAO Schwartz for a Monchichi [Link] that you might have had as little kid.

For the ones too cool for school…
This is all about the experience, check out the Nike iD Studio [Link] I’m sure they have them around your neck of the woods and if not you can build out a pair online [Link]. You could also go retro with name necklaces (as seen on Carrie from Sex and the City) great deals to be found on over on eBay [Link] I’ve purchased from this seller before for my wife.

For the ones too old to care…
Candy, Cash, and maybe flowers if they’re not getting any from someone else but please dads don’t write cards making them think its from someone else [not cool]. If they’re up for spending time with you, try dinner out on the town.

Author: DaDa Rocks!

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  1. Do people really buy V-day gifts for kids?

  2. Great Suggestions…our 3.5 yr old young lady saw chocolate roses…one guess what she is getting this year LOL


  3. Love the Valentine gift ideas for the little ones! I Tunes gift cards and App gift cards are also good for the older kids.

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