The $1,000,000 Pyramid for Wii from Ubisoft review and giveaway

Tweet $1,000,000 Pyramid [amazon] brings back the classic, Emmy award-winning game show from 1973 as two pairs of players compete to make their way to the winner’s circle. Staying true to the original show, players will choose from six categories and guess words based on a theme. Score more points than the other team and […]


Michael Jackson The Experience for Wii by Ubisoft Review and Giveaway

Tweet It’s time to break it down! Look think what you will of Michael his music was amazing and I dont know if there is more then 3 tracks that he’s ever created that wont have you tapping a toe in less then a minute.  The Experience is from the line of games by Ubisoft […]


Just Dance 2 – Review and Giveaway!

Tweet Just got to play a few hours worth Just Dance 2 [Amazon] after having played Just Dance Kids for a few weeks with Marc before we broke out Just Dance 2 I was thinking this was just going to be some updated songs, well its more then just that! Where in the kids version […]


10 Days of Gifting! Ubisoft Petz Nintendo DS Game Pack!

Tweet Welcome to the second day of 10 days of gifting – Today we have a four pack of Nintendo DS games from Ubisoft… All the games are made for kids and all fall under the great Petz line. The games are… Petz Nursery 2, Petz Fantasy: Sunshine Magic, Petz Fantasy: Moonlight Magic, Petz Catz […]


Just Dance Kids for Wii – Review and Giveaway!

Tweet Just Dance Kids [ Amazon ] is just that a dance game for kids. Its pretty awesome to see my son’s face light up when we pull it out… cause he knows its time to DANCE!!! and thats just it since this has three yo gabba gabba songs we created a custom playlist and […]


Ubisoft Petz Fantasy: Sunshine Magic for DS review and giveaway

Tweet This post is part of a sponsored series from Ubisoft, celebrating “12 Days of Giveaways.” See below for how you can enter up to 12 times to win fun and family-friendly video games. Petz Fantasy: Sunshine Magic [Amazon] is a second generation game the follow up to the smash hit Petz (it was all […]