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Yezz conquered New York City

Tweet Quinny had an exciting day on Sunday as the new Quinny Yezz conquered New York City. 400 lucky Big Apple Moms lined the streets of Manhattan to receive a free Yezz stroller. Some Quinny fans braved the rain to line up as early as 2:00 a.m. at locations including Giggle, Albee Baby, the New […]

Wed, Sep 5, 20121:35:06 PM

Bob Gear introduces its first four-wheel stroller the MOTION

Tweet Following BOB’s 15-year focus on its signature “jogger” strollers, the MOTION’s lightweight aluminum frame represents the company’s most compact design and  complements the BOB joggers as a daily stroller. Made for everyday freedom, the MOTION is designed for parents on-the-go.   From the first day of parenthood, the MOTION is ideal for active family outings, […]


Britax B-Ready Stroller 2012 Review and Giveaway

Tweet One thing you’ll start to notice when you have a toddler is that they start to out grow strollers… usually its by weight – the stroller just doesnt handle right or worst.  When most people start shopping for strollers they dont ever thing of the size their child will most likely grow to be… […]


Do you know about Late Night Parents and a Mamas & Papas Mylo Stroller Giveaway

Tweet Hopefully by now you’ve seen a few of the dadarocks tweets or a few of the dadarocks facebook page updates, but if not you might have missed the news about Late Night Parents.  Really Late Night Parents was born from the desire for a parenting show that could be hosted at night for when […]


The Maclaren Beatles Yellow Submarine Stroller – Review and Giveaway

Tweet I’m a mega-super mega fan of The Beatles, I grew up listening to their music… I grew up going to their concerts (well the remaining beatles that is…) there wasn’t anything in the baby market of strollers that really was cool for Dad until I saw this… When the Maclaren first released the Beatles […]


10 Days of Gifting! Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Giveaway

Tweet We did it… We did it together welcome to day 10 of our 10 days of gifting. Today we have stroller but not just a stroller a true work horse, The Mountain Buggy Terrain [Amazon] is just that a system that goes from Birth to way behind being able to handle up to 77lbs. […]