Average American Child Under 10 Gets $1,360 per Year in Allowance, Bribes, Rewards and Gifts from Parents

Tweet A new survey has revealed that the average American child under the age of 10 is handed $1,360 per year by their parents, either as allowance, rewards for good behavior or achievements and bribes to ‘be good’.   A leading coupon brand has revealed that the average child under the age of 10 in […]

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Parenting Struggles? There’s an APP for that!

Tweet As a dad of a three year old boy and one on the way, the wife and I decided it was time to get the little guy potty trained before his sister joined the party.  That being said, like most 3 year olds Brady is a very stubborn kid, so we knew we were […]


Win a 3 month supply of Huggies Diapers and tips on how to keep up with your little movers

Tweet One of the things you get really quickly when you have a baby is just how much work goes into taking care of them – you also never know just how many diapers you’ll go through in a given day.  Let me tell you – its A LOT! Here’s Laila Ali’s tips for how […]

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Got Milk? Enter to win a years worth of milk

Tweet Being a parent there are certain things you’re going to have to buy diapers and milk.  Neither comes cheap and neither are used sparingly. There are points post breast milk, post formula that I was going to the store more then once a week to pickup a gallon of milk.  I’m sure I’m not […]


Pull-Ups.com livestream of Potty Dance Day (March 5) and Giveaway

Tweet Pull-Ups is having an awesome event coming up very soon. On March 5, we are celebrating Potty Dance Day and across the United States there will be many different Potty Dance Parties.As a part of this speciail day you will also be able to Watch Ralph’s World perform the Potty Dance live in concert and […]


Fall back into safety II: safe guarding the home office

Tweet One thing I remember the most about watching Marc grow up was how many times I was told to deal with the wires of my computer.  Since we dont a home office my computer is in the living room which made it an easy target for our toddler.  I used lots of make shift […]


Fall back into safety: secure your washer & dryer

Tweet Coming back from summer its time to fall back into better habits, and child safety is always one that we can use a little help remember and brushing up.  I’ve wanted to give both moms and dads some great safety tips but who am I? I’m certainly no safety expert – there are people […]


Toddlers on a plane – a great sequel to snakes on a plane

Tweet For the better part of the last two weeks we’ve been traveling at some point or another. Its been pretty clear that worst part of traveling as a family is getting in long plane rides. There is limited ways around this, you could drug your kids (I think most of us wish that was […]