Now entering the terrible twos

Tweet Last week was Marc’s 2nd birthday. What an amazing feeling to watch my son blow out his own candles, to now hear him babble out words that sometimes I understand… weird but I’ve developed an hear for toddler-ese. I know he’s understand about 70-80% of what I’m saying these days, which is great but […]


Love kids hate life…

Tweet A few weeks ago New York Magazine published this article “I love my Children. I Hate My life.” [http://nymag.com/news/features/67024/] I was sitting at my desk watching headlines flow by when I just stopped and was like wow – only sometimes… After watching the tweets and blog posts about this article I was surprised to […]


Getting the kids back to school, are you doing backflips?!

Tweet I don’t have a child who is now being prepped to go back to school – cramming that summer reading list (by feeding the cliffnotes editions – here’s a tip save the cash and read the Wikipedia entry :P) but I am starting to prep for the end of summer, which is a pro […]


Toddlers on a plane – a great sequel to snakes on a plane

Tweet For the better part of the last two weeks we’ve been traveling at some point or another. Its been pretty clear that worst part of traveling as a family is getting in long plane rides. There is limited ways around this, you could drug your kids (I think most of us wish that was […]

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The Evolution of Dad DVD giveaway

Tweet Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or in a cave) the world is changing the role of Dad is changing. The Evolution of Dad (www.evolutionofdad.com) explores how fatherhood has evolved over time, what its impact has been on family and society, and how fatherhood will likely continue to change. A filmmaker and screenwriter […]

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Tweet YO GABBA GABBA! ANNOUNCES 60 CITY NORTH AMERICAN TOUR AND SOLIDIFIES YO GABBA GABBA! LIVE!: THERE’S A PARTY IN MY CITY! PARTNERSHIP WITH HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Advance Tickets For American Express® Cardmembers Go On-Sale Thursday, May 20 $1 From Every Ticket Sold To Benefit Habitat for Humanity Local Affiliate In Each Tour City Miami, […]


Hey its Mothers Day – Did you completely forget?!

Tweet Here is your quick recovery list… 1) Get a card ASAP! cant get out of the house check out below for the “just print one at home” It is at the bottom of the post, just print it out sign your name (and your kids name too). 2) Get a gift ASAP! price isn’t […]

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First time to an arena sporting event: MSG New York Rangers

Tweet Today was a big milestone for Marc it was his first major sporting event.  He loved it (at least I’d like to think so)… Marc is now 19 months old, we didn’t do baseball with him last year because he was a little young. We’ve taken him over the last year to a few […]