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Happy 4th of July

Tweet Happy 4th of July to you… My father owned a camera store growing up so we some how defaulted to his test models for every new toy and every new costume in his photo studio… this was taken some 23+ years ago… not shabby – huh… Well its been a while since my last […]


The future of DadaRocks and Cision Names Top 50 Daddy Bloggers

Tweet If you read my blog you know I’ve started someplace very different then where I am today based on input from family, friends, PR, Brands, Bloggers, and my own ideas of trying to move forward (without a direction)… no matter what… writing for me isnt the easiest – while if you sit down with me; […]


Do you know about Late Night Parents and a Mamas & Papas Mylo Stroller Giveaway

Tweet Hopefully by now you’ve seen a few of the dadarocks tweets or a few of the dadarocks facebook page updates, but if not you might have missed the news about Late Night Parents.  Really Late Night Parents was born from the desire for a parenting show that could be hosted at night for when […]


Happy New Year – Welcome 2011

Tweet Happy New Year from DaDa Rocks and family to you and your family…. May this year be all that you’ve wanted it to be, may it be a year of health and a year of kindness, may your dreams come true… May your 2011 be what Betty White’s year of 2010 was… and if […]


Ending the decade that was

Tweet Its hard to imagine that tomorrow we start a new decade, of course its a new year and a new chance do right were we did wrong the year before. This statement along with a new year and a new you are the ones that will be with me for a long time… you’ll […]


The Ultimate Guys Gift Guide 2010

Tweet We have to start off by saying the holidays for some started super early and adding a little delay to my posting has really held this up… Sorry if you’re shopping done (dont worry you can return it and get some of these! – LOL I kid I’m sure they’ll love it – maybe)… […]


The longest its ever been – 7 days its a killer

Tweet The title might have you thinking that this post might be about something else but its really about the testament about being away from home at seven days.  To some that seems like just a moment for me it was like pulling away my oxygen.  My wife is my counter balance and my son […]


NYC Weekend Roundup: Oct 1st – Oct 3rd

Tweet In the city that never sleeps – these kids might never get a nap… Here are a few of the highlights of the weekend… Oct 1st – Meet and Greet with Yo Gabba Gabba Cast at Best Buy Union Square You need to be there at 9am to buy the volume 2 CD  First […]