Scooby-Doo: Wrestlemania Mystery is out now on DVD

Tweet Scooby-Doo: Wrestlemania Mystery follows Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, and the rest of Mystery, Inc. to WWE city after Shaggy and Scooby win tickets to Wrestlemania. But when the friends arrive there, they realize that WWE City is being plagued by mysterious attacks from a ghostly bear that threatens to bring an end to Wrestlemania and the […]


Mr. Peabody and Sherman opens on March 7th @DWAnimation #MrPeabody

Tweet I grew up watching old cartoons of course Rocky and Bullwinkle was a favorite and somehow those opened up into little shorts of talking dog Mr. Peabody and his little friend Sherman (a little boy) traveling in time using the WABAC machine.  Fast forward to today… when Dreamworks Animation releases Mr. Peabody and Sherman on […]


Lets get ready to rumble with Battroborg

Tweet If someone told you to test toys – you’d be jumping at the chance too – sadly this isnt the movie Big and double sad face I’m not doing this full time but every once in a while I get invited to test out some toys… I was invited by Battroborg to do just that […]


Smurfs 2: The Movie a great flick for kids

Tweet Smurfs 2 opens in theaters on July 31st.   The follow up to the first “Smurfs” movie made in 2011 – which you can get on iTunes if your little ones want to see how it all began.  While Smurfs 2 intro into the movie does make it a stand alone film having watched the […]


Father’s Day Gift Idea: Virgin Mobile MiFi Hotspot

Tweet If you’re like me you had cell contracts – right?! 2 years for what? Thats why I really like the Virgin Mobile service which offers contract free options. Bottom line is for $35 a month you can rock the 4G Data on up to 5 devices that can connect to the hotspot. Which is […]


Father’s Day Gift Idea: Samsung SmartCam WiFi Video Baby Monitor

Tweet One thing that sucks is having a new baby and having to go into work everyday… such is the life for sooo many (and it was for a couple of weeks of Harper’s life). One simple solution cause you cant really put a new born on the phone to check in is this amazing Samsung SmartCam [Amazon]. […]


Clek Olli a booster seat for the cool kids

Tweet When you’re a parent safety is the #1 factor… shortly behind that comes easy of use.  Living in manhattan you take certain things in stride – like I’ll just hold my baby instead of carrying a carseat into and out of every taxi from FiDi to the Upper East Side.  Truth is we dont […]


Outside fun with the Bubble Twister and Junkball Review and Giveaway

Tweet There are two things about spring and summer that I love its finally time to get outside and play. This spring was pretty lackluster in NYC as it was raining most of the time but now summer is around the bend the sprinklers are in the park and its a great time to get […]