Here are 5 Signs You Need New Tires

Tweet Checking your tires is like going to the dentist. “It’s something we don’t do often enough, that we put off until we absolutely have to.” According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), tire failure causes around 11,000 car crashes each year. The NHTSA recommend doing a quick tire inspection once a month. […]


Self-Confidence Begins in the Home

Tweet A child’s sense of self is shaped by every interaction he or she has, but is shaped most powerfully by how they are loved and parented in their home.  How a child sees themselves will influence every aspect of their life from their education, relationships and over-all well-being.  Life is about feeling good enough, […]


CE Week Highlights

Tweet Aside from what we saw via Techlicious, there was plenty of exciting technology to get a look at during this year’s CE Week. Here are our highlights from the show: Paper and Pencil by FiftyThree App developer FiftyThree kicks off our list of CE Week hits with their app and stylus combo “Paper” and […]


CE Week 2014: Techlicious Lunch and Presentations

Tweet As part of our CE Week coverage, we were treated to a private lunch event at BLT Fish. The lunch included special presentations of the leading products and services from Phillips, LG, and TripIt, as well as one-on-one time with representatives from those companies and our host, Techlicious. Phillips’ presentation focused mainly on their […]


CE Week 2014 Techlicious Tour

Tweet Courtesy of electronics site Techlicious, we recently got a look at some of the great offerings at New York City’s CE Week 2014. The week brings together some of the hottest names in electronics today to display and demonstrate some of their latest products. Including companies like Sony, Sharp, LG, Phillips, TiVO, and more, […]


Amazon Prime Instant Video Presents: Creative Galaxy!

Tweet The above video gives an advance look at the upcoming Amazon exclusive children’s show Creative Galaxy. Made by the creators of Blue’s Clues, Creative Galaxy is a romp through various types of arts and crafts (like clay, pipe cleaners, crayons, and so on) that follows characters Arty and Epiphany as they travel across the Creative Galaxy and inspire kids […]


10 Netflix Titles For a Summer Brain-Power Boost! #StreamTeam

Tweet With school out for the summer, your kids might be getting a bit of a “brain drain” about now… let them keep learning the fun way with Netflix! Check out our suggestions below to help you pick out some educational (but still exciting) programming you can stream right now: For Older Kids 1. Lewis & […]


Celebrate Summer With New Programming on the Hub!

Tweet This summer, there’s a host of excellent new entertainment for the whole family on the Hub, including new episodes of your favorite shows and family movie premieres! Check out what’s coming up with our schedule below: Friday, July 11: HUB Network Family Movie Premiere “The Mighty Ducks” (7–9 p.m. ET) Tough trial lawyer Gordon Bombay […]