10 Days of Gifting! Tegu Block Set Giveaway

Welcome to the ninth day out of our 10 days of gifting – Today we have a great set of the Tegu magnetic blocks. These blocks are awesome if you havent been following along @Tegu on twitter you’re missing some really cool handy work as they create custom requests just recently they did a Tegu 12 days of Christmas song which I thought was awesome – you can check it out below.

How do you win it?  you can tweet “ I want to win a set of @Tegu Blocks thanks to @dadarocks at http://bit.ly/ggWA42 ” and don’t forget you must follow @dadarocks as well and for an extra entry go to Facebook.com/DaDaRocks and on the wall “ I want to win a Tegu prize pack from DaDaRocks.com ” but you need to come back here and leave a comment that you did it.

Every day at random times we’ll be announcing a giveaway – it’ll only be for 24 hours! Also we’ll be switching up how to enter to win the prize. You may be asked to comment on a facebook post over at http://facebook.com/dadarocks or to post&follow @dadarocks on twitter.com http://twitter.com/dadarocks or you may just have to leave a comment on the thread.

(remember in order to write on the wall you must become a fan!)

Thanks to Tegu for providing this cool prize pack! but sorry this is limited to United States only

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    Amber says:

    wrote on your wall (in crayon ;))
    Amber B.


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    Dawkinscj says:

    I have posted a tweet and I have posted on facebook to win a Tegu Block Set. You ROCK!!!


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    christina says:

    I would love to win that for my 2 boys ages 1 and 3 @nickandmattsmom


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    Brianne Lynn says:

    I tweeted!


  10. 10
    Brianne Lynn says:

    I posted on your FB wall.


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    JD Seattle says:

    Posted on your Facebook wall.


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    Myha Nguyen says:

    I posted on your wall! I have seen this before and would love to win one for my boys…husband included!


  16. 16
    Lauren at A Mommy in the City says:



  17. 17
    Lauren at A Mommy in the City says:

    Commented on your fb wall!


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    Kimberly says:

    Posted on your Facebook wall. Thank you for the chance!


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    posted on fb (jd drenchek-scavo)


  28. 28
    Kari says:

    fb’d and tweeted! happy holidays!!


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    Happymomc says:

    Left a comment on your wall – Happy MomC


  31. 31
    MamaHearts says:

    I tweeted the Tegu blocks giveaway and posted on your FB page – thanks!


    DaDa Rocks! Reply:

    Congrats you’ve won the Tegu blocks… ofcourse our santa elf cant get it to you in time so expect it soon after the holidays.


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    anna sander says:

    I also posted on FB for a comment… and I am smiling the whole time. of course, you can’t see that can you? :)


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    Slappy Smith says:

    Shared on Facebook Diana Vincent


  36. 36
    tercur says:

    Tweet. Tweet


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    Anonymous says:

    posred adn tweeted!


  40. 40
    Amanda Davis says:

    I follow @Tegu and @dadarocks and tweeted (http://twitter.com/amandapersists/status/18121085782327296)

    Thanks so much for the chance!


  41. 41
    Amanda Davis says:

    I also posted on your Facebook wall! (Amanda Davis) Thanks again!


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    AmberRady says:

    Posted on your facebook!! :) Amber R. George


  44. 44
    Stephanie K says:

    I tweeted and also posted on fb wall. Thanks for giveaway! Very cool!


  45. 45
    donna chong says:

    “ I want to win a Tegu prize pack from DaDaRocks.com ”posted to facebook


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    @LSAS1 says:

    These blocks look like so much fun! My 3yo would LOVE them! Thanks for the chance!

    Here’s my tweet: http://twitter.com/LSAS1/status/18150793861406720


  48. 48
    Megan C says:

    Tweeted! Hopefully in time :(


    megancrose at gmail dot com


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